Closet Edit
Editing all the pieces in your wardrobe for fit, color, and style is 
the first step in the process.  Discussing your business and social demands will allow us to determine your personal brand. 
Wardrobe Process 
After editing your closet and identifying your wardrobe needs, 
I will select color, fabric, and fit to build your brand.  Selecting the perfect fit, color, and style can be daunting and time consuming.  Now all it takes is a simple click to make your shopping 
experience effortless!  
Building Your Brand
Having a Stylist put your wardrobe together is great, but what happens when they leave?  The style file is a library of photos taken of you that will demonstrate how your new wardrobe supports your personal brand.  Your Style File will download to 
your to all your devices and be within reach.  This advantage 
will make plans for business trips or vacation seamless.  In addition you can book at your convenience, virtual sessions to support your brand.  
Style Lectures
Please contact me regarding group lectures 


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