"I am completely sold on the value of a stylist, I kept my family hostage last night as I told them the tale of yesterday. Of course I will spread the word to my colleagues and everyone else for that matter; hard to believe people try and dress themselves."

Sam, Web Design 

"Prior to working with Michelle, I had no style and getting dressed each day was literally stressful. I hated shopping and especially trying on clothes--nothing ever fit. My philosophy was wear was comfortable or caught my eye which, translated into a closet of chaos, wrong sizes, and no interchangeability. 

Michelle transformed my personal style with her keen eye for color, patterns, shape and functional fashion. Michelle's process was easy, convenient, cleansing, practical, and affordable. Her talent for knowing just the right fit, fabric, and cuts from suits to accessories.  She has reduced my stress and given me a sense of confidence I have never had.  

Over the course of two weeks with my new style I received compliments ranging from "I love your new style to you look amazing."  Thank you Michelle for changing my outlook and how others perceive me."

Colleen, Culinary Executive 

"I feel great about my purchase with you last night… but not as great as I feel with the overall experience that you continue to deliver for me. But I really mean it when I say, it’s awesome to have someone like you!"

Chad, Advertising

"Thanks so much for your help Friday.  I feel like a million bucks in my new wardrobe."

Ann, Marketing

"It was great working with you!  I was sworn in by the state of MD yesterday as a new CPA and I wore one of the new dress shirts that you picked out for me.  I have never had so many compliments."  

Thank you,
Kim, CPA

"Michelle is an excellent stylist.  Her quick decisions, attention to detail, and willingness to do an extensive amount of research in order to please her clients, sets her in a class above the rest.  She helped me to redo my entire wardrobe, and I continue to get compliments from my co-workers, friends and my husband!" 

Jessica, Music Conductor & Teacher


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