Personal Branding

Style is not something you are born with and whether you are in finance, a lawyer or artist, you have spent years honing your 
skills.  I have a BFA in design from Pratt Institute and have traveled around the world building my skills in design and style, and have culled my experience into developing personal brands.  I have 
the most amazing clients that are at the at top of their game as 
well as entering their careers from finances to technology, both women and men have benefited from the power of a personal brand.  Your image tells the world how you see yourself, how to receive you, and ultimately how to reward you. 

My experience in Design gave me the opportunity to work 
with highly successful companies from Ralph Lauren to 
Banana Republic an enabled me to draw inspiration from 
New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo.  These are the influences that 
contribute to my own Brand and fuel my passion to launch the brands of my client's.  Confident individual Style will empower your 
personal brand and deliver results both in business and in life.  My philosophy is simple you are a brand and developing your brand 
is as critical as your choice of words. Your body is a great canvas and like all canvas the right light, colors and shapes will determine its value.  You make a statement every time you step out into the world and regardless of shape, size, or age your Personal Brand is within reach!  Individual Style that will deliver your personal best is my objective.  Providing a personal brand for both men and women that will exceed expectations. 


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